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Jim Hulsey's Catfish Story from Sherwood, AR

 I went to a local lake close to our house with just some crickets and a few worms to try and catch a few bream to use for catfish bait. Knowing I had very little time before darkness, I didn't take a net, stringer or any lights.

It was almost dark and I was close to running out of bait when this 7.5 lb. catfish wanted that cricket. This one tested the drag on my UltraLite with the 6 lb. test line for several minutes. When it got tired, I pulled it up close enough to grab it. 

The hook had already started to straighten out when I got it out of the water. I had to put it in a Walmart sack to bring it home! Now when I go fishing, I take lights, nets, stringer, a jacket, etc.  

Caught at Lake Cherrywood, Sherwood, Arkansas on 10/20/2018