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Got questions about Catfish Pro catfish fishing bait or some other type catfishing bait? Call us. Want to send us a photo of your trophy blue catfish or a stringer full of channel catfish just email us.

Catfish Pro Catfish Bait FAQ's

Q. Does your bait really stay on the hook?

A. Yes. You can use Catfish Pro Catfish Bait on any hook you want and it will stay on your hook no matter where you are fishing. The backside of a dam, even a very strong river current. We strongly believe we make the best catfish bait there is.

Q. How can your bait do that?

A. Because of the way we produce our bait. We use high fatty amino acids, proteins, and 100% real natural oils.

Q. What type of catfish does your bait catch?

A. Our catfishing bait works great as a blue catfish bait, channel catfish bait or a bullhead catfish bait. Catfish anglers do catch flathead catfish on our bait but not very often.

Q. Why is your bait square?

A. Here is the reason. Think of the water in a river as a wind tunnel flowing downstream. You have a round piece of bait you place inside the wind tunnel and what happens? The wind just blows over the top of the round bait. Same thing happens when you place that round bait in the water. The current just rolls right over the top of your bait doing nothing.

Now place our bait which is square in that exact same wind tunnel or river and what happens? Since it is square it has resistance against the wind same as the river and because of this resistance the corners on our bait will start breaking down very fast releasing our scent into the water and drawing catfish in from far away. Which means you are going to catch more catfish in a lot less time.

Q. How many different baits do you have?

A. We produce Original, Blood, Chicken Liver and Shad.

Q. I own a business that sells bait can I order at wholesale?

A. Yes. Our catfish bait is in bait shops all across the US. As long as you have a tax id number we can sell to you at wholesale. Call us at (479) 790-0050 for more information.