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Are you tired of watching your catfish bait fly off the hook every time you cast? You know exactly what I am talking about. You take your bait wrap it all around a treble hook sometimes you even try to tie your bait on the hook so it doesn't fly off when you cast. Then you cast just to watch the bait go in one direction and the hook and sinker go in another. And if by some chance your bait makes it into the water in tact you hope it doesn't come off after five minutes in the water.

Let me tell you about Catfish Pro catfish bait. Catfish Pro will stay on your hook when nothing else will guaranteed! Catfish Pro is not a catfish dough bait or a catfish stink bait not even a catfish punch bait. Catfish Pro is a natural bait by this we mean it is made using high fatty amino acids, proteins, and 100% real natural oils. You do not need to use a treble hook or try and tie our bait onto your hook. All you will ever need to use with our catfish bait is just an ordinary everyday hook.

Our catfish bait will stay on your hook no matter where you are fishing. Strong river currents, on the back side of a dam, lake, or even a pond. Our bait is made to stay on your hook when nothing else will and catch catfish. Blue catfish and channel catfish like our bait the best. Catfish Pro catfish bait fishing bait works great for any type of catfishing you are wanting to do such as rod and reel bank fishing, trotlines, jug lines, limb lines, noodles, yoyos, and even while drifting.

It doesn't matter whether you are chasing after that trophy blue catfish or just wanting to have fun all day catching channel catfish our baits will get the job done. We have Original, Blood, Chicken Liver, and Shad.