Man fishing during sun set Man fishing during sun set
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Catfish swimming Catfish Pro Tournament Series CNC Power Handle
Experience Unmatched Performance
Discover the Tournament Series Power Handle
Engineered for precision and power, the Catfish Pro Tournament Series CNC Power Handle, is an innovative handle that is designed to enhance your fishing experience like never before.
catfish on the beach catfish on the beach
The Tournament Series
600 Reel Series
Introducing the 600 Reels Series. Sporting a groundbreaking appearance, these reels are meticulously constructed to optimize both power and performance, driving confidence with every cast.
Fish with Confidence.

Meet the Catfish Pro Tournament Series Double Offset Circle Fishing Hook – the ultimate tool for your fishing adventures! Designed to boost your catfishing game, this quality hook guarantees a superior hook-ups and reduces the chances of fish slipping away. Crafted with precision and durable materials, it ensures long-lasting performance.

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Be Equipped for Any Cat.

The Catfish Pro Tournament Series Lip Grips are a game-changer for dedicated anglers. Whether you're fishing in freshwater or saltwater, our grips ensure you can safely handle your catch with ease. Secure your catch with our heavy duty lip grips or our durable stainless steel construction with integrated scales- both are perfect for any fisherman.

catfish being held by lip grips
catfish swimming under blue water catfish swimming under blue water
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Fishing For Fun Series
Get everything you need to get your next personal best, at the fraction at the cost.
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Catfish Pro is all about making catfishing enjoyable and successful for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned angler seeking new tips or a parent introducing your child to fishing, Catfish Pro Nation is here for you. It's a community where we can share our knowledge and experiences. Catfish Pro brings the FUN to catfishing. Here at Catfish Pro, we make fishing fun for everyone.

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