Bryan Norsworthy's Catfish Story from MO

Michael Baker
Bryan Norsworthy's Catfish Story from MO Bryan Norsworthy's Catfish Story from MO

It had rained most of the night; and the biggest part of the day. You could see blue sky peeping through the clouds back in the west. As I stood on the ramp waiting for another boat to launch the lady standing next to me kept asking the same question over and over. "Do you think we will do any good?" I put my sunglasses on so she couldn't see the doubt in my eyes and I replied, "I just don't know', We should, but I just don't know."


As we idled around searching for bait I managed to catch a half a dozen shad and a couple of big yellow tails and thinking the whole time what a complete disaster this afternoon of fishing was going to be. I dropped anchor in about 42ft of water and faked my best over-confident look and glanced at her and said, "This is where the biguns hide." I cut up the bait making it as appealing as I possibly could and set out four rods placing them in the holders.


As time went by we had reeled in a couple of small fish and the sky was getting brighter as the afternoon passed. She sat patiently and quietly listening to the current with anticipation in her eyes. Then it happened. The furtherest rod to the right went down hard and I set the hook and handed it to her. All I could say was "Hold the rod tip up, don't let any slack in the line." I figured it was a good fish but I wasn't expecting what I was about to see.


As I looked in the water a saw a blue cloud emerging to the surface, and then things got different, and I do mean quick!!! I netted the fish and the excitement the lady showed was more excitement than I have seen a child have at Christmas time. After a few pictures we released the fish to fight another day. As we stood on the ramp after loading the boat she gave me a big hug and the look on her face showed that she meant every squeeze that she had made.


Later that night as I was drinking a cup a coffee planning the day ahead all I could see was that smile on her face and the excitement in here eyes as she reeled that fish in. My heart was way warmer than the coffee I was drinking. That my friends is what its all about. Yep, it was a good day. Yep, It was truly a fantastic day. Have a great weekend!!!!