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Blood Catfish Bait

Regular price $6.99

Catfish Pro Catfish Bait promises to enhance fishing success with its irresistible formula designed to attract Blue, Channel, and Flathead catfish. Packed with high-fatty amino acids, proteins, and natural oils, this bait is versatile for various fishing styles, including rods, jugs, trotline, and drifting, making it adaptable from the bank or boat. Our bait ensures a hassle-free experience with its ability to stay on your hook securely. The bait's clean application and resealable 10 oz bag offer convenience, with approximately 80 pieces per bag, providing a long-lasting supply for multiple fishing trips while preserving freshness and effectiveness.

  • Made using 100% real natural oils, proteins, and high fatty amino acids which create a scent catfish cannot resist
  • No messy or stinky hands.
  • Stays on your hook and lasts for hours. 
  • Catfish Pro Catfish Bait is highly concentrated to provide maximum results.
  • Water soluble scent leaves a massive scent trail drawing catfish in from far away. 
  • Perfect for rod and reel, trot lines, jugs, drifting, yoyos, and limb lines.
  • Environmentally safe, Catfish Pro Catfish Bait can be used anywhere: Ponds, Lakes, Rivers, and Streams.
  • Stays on your hook when nothing else will. 
baby catfish being held
kid holding catfish with lip grip and bag of catfish pro bait